Wilma Fox Child Development Centre rescues abandoned babies and children left to fend for themselves in the streets and bush of Uganda. Through our child sponsorship program, we meet basic needs, educate through graduation, and share the love of God. Within our 60 children are being nurtured and encouraged in a safe environment. These children are the hope of the future as they grow into the men and women God created them to be, with the potential to effect real change in their families, businesses, communities, and nation.

At Wilma Fox CDC, we take part in a variety of projects and some of them include the following:

Water Project.

We need a mini water project that can serve our Orphanage school and surrounding community. So water remains a very big challenge in our area as many villages surrounding us still fetch from open well. Sometimes shared with animals which make water unsafe for drinking and domestic work.

Primary School Project

We have a Nursery and Primary School, Called Vision of Hope. This has over 800+ learners.Majority of these are orphans who cannot afford to pay anything. The least revenue got from the school pay teachers, other works and support the orphanage. So pupils in our school need sponsors so that the school can have enough revenue to run its activities to higher standards.

Secondary School Project

We have a Secondary School called WILMA FOX SECONDARY SCHOOL. This is still new we are still constructing classes and other facilities. It has a population of about 430 students. More support is needed here. Because the majority of the students are orphans and vulnerable children.

We also support a team of partners that equips Ugandan individuals through a variety of programs, enabling them to advance Christ’s kingdom. We join our partners by extending their reach with shared visions of providing relief, hope, and a future for some of the most vulnerable children on earth as well as educating and empowering Ugandans.

We advocate and support Marginalized groups of people get acceptance especially the youth, men and women ,people living with disabilities, addicts. We are working into their accommodation and recovery Centre