3.2 million Ugandan AIDS orphans are living in abject poverty. These orphans and abandoned children have no way of meeting their basic needs, no education and no hope for a future. Without intervention these children regularly go hungry, turn to lives of crime, succumb to preventable disease, or worse. The moment a child gets a sponsor, the child looks at the sponsor as family. A family where they belong. When you come in to sponsor these children at this critical stage, you save them from perishing. And we believe that these children will go back into the communities and change the communities and the entire nation for the glory of God.

At Wilma Fox Child Development Centre these children are rescued from the streets, nurtured by our volunteers, staff, and discipled and educated at Vision of Hope Nursery and Primary School
By sponsoring a child, you are providing hope and a future

Basic Needs

There are more than 3.2 million orphans and abandoned children who regularly go hungry and sleep on the streets in Uganda. With no government resources to meet their needs, these children are left helpless and susceptible to preventable disease, violence, crime, and worse. They lack all basic life necessities including an education. Through sponsorship, you can meet their basic needs and provide them with hope for a better future.

For $50 per month, your child will receive:

1.A safe and loving home
2.Nutritious meals
3.Basic medical and dental care
4.Clothing, including a school uniform and one pair of shoes per year
5.A bed, mattress, and mosquito net
6.Basic hygiene products, including soap and toothbrushes
7.Primary education
8.Spiritual (Christ-centered) training
9.Paying Child development workers


You can also use our banking Details below to donate

Bank Name: Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd Bank Address: Kampala, Uganda
Bank Address: Kampala, Uganda
Account Name: Wilma Fox Child Development Centre
Swift Code: CERBUGKA
Account Number: 3100052124

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

1.Information about your child to include: date of birth, history, and health status
2.An updated picture of your child once per year
3.Updates and/or letters from your child at least twice per year
4.The opportunity to send your child letters and gifts
5.Periodic updates from Wilma Fox Child Development Centre.

Once a child reaches Secondary school

Once a child reaches Secondary school or chooses to pursue a trade through vocational school, the cost to care for that child increases to $85 per month (an increase of $35). The change in cost is due primarily to text books, increased school fees and standardized tests. When a child graduates into secondary school or enters vocational school, he or she needs a Secondary Education Sponsor to continue in school. The child’s Basic Needs Sponsor will be given the first opportunity to meet their child’s increased educational expenses through a Secondary Education Sponsorship

For an additional $35 per month, your child will be provided with:

1.Secondary or vocational fees
2.Standardized test fees
4.Laboratory Equipment, if needed
5.Text books
6.One field trip per year


Our organization in Uganda is founded, owned, and operated by Ugandans.

Uganda is a nation of children. This densely populated country is the youngest in the world, with more than half of its inhabitants below the age of 15. An estimated 3.2 million of these children are orphans. Because our children are orphaned or abandoned, they are completely dependent upon us for all their needs. They live with us and are nurtured by our staff or a local foster family, as they have no other family support.

We emphasize personal relationship with all partners and between sponsors and their sponsored children. Our sponsors directly support their sponsored children and are encouraged to develop meaningful relationships. Sponsors can meet their children and visit whenever possible.


You are welcome to support us to accomplish our plans below:
1.To build more orphans Houses as they are very many orphans and abandoned children in the community.
2.To build a modern Secondary School,
3.Buy more land to grow food for the orphanage
4.To build a Medical Centre.
5.To make a good play ground.
6.To build a kitchen.
7. To build latrines.
8.To buy and install rain harvesting tanks.